People v. Harvard Law

People v. Harvard Law

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Remembering Justice Antonin Scalia: "Pour Some Souter on Me"

 (NOTE: Disclaimer regarding this blog's non-affiliation with Harvard is here.)

Today at the Law School we will be remembering Justice Scalia. To mark the occasion, here is the video we posted in November, 2014, during Justice Scalia's final visit to the Law School, to judge the Ames moot court competition.

The video, "Pour Some Souter on Me" (longer version, with more context, here) is from the Drama Society's March, 2008, Parody production, which depicted Justice Scalia as not just judging the competition, but competing in it, against "The Gladiatort."

The video was favorably reviewed (well, sorta) by Joe Patrice of "Above the Law." More details, and lyrics, here. Enjoy!

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