People v. Harvard Law

People v. Harvard Law


DISCLAIMER:  "Harvard Parody" is not a group or any other entity recognized or authorized in any way by Harvard Law School (or Harvard University in general), or by the Harvard Law School Drama Society, or by the Society's officers, or by a majority of either its past or present members. 

Rather, "Harvard Parody" is merely the name chosen for this blog in 2005 by a few Harvard Law School students who, acting solely on their own initiative, as described on the blog, endeavored through it to present a fair and balanced account of the ghostwriting/plagiarism scandals involving several Harvard Law School professors, following the complaint of one of the professors that a parody song presented in the March, 2005, Parody produced by the Harvard Law School Drama Society was not fair and balanced.

The students to whom the torch has been passed, and who currently operate the blog, concur with its founders on the principle that tough, but fair and balanced, parody has an important role to play on matters relating to Harvard Law School.

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